BlendEssence Frequently Asked Questions:

Do BlendEssence oils have artificial chemical compounds or synthetic fragrances? 

There are NO aluminum, NO parabens, NO triclosan, NO phthalates, NO mineral oil, NO palm oil, No soy oil or synthetic fragrances.

Where are BlendEssence oils made? 

Will always be made in the USA, by me! 

How do you apply BlendEssence facial oil and eye oil?

Apply to clean skin using the dropper, and rub it with your own clean hands. Wait for 3-5 minutes for your skin to absorb the non-greasy oil.

How do you apply BlendEssence body oil?

Use the pump sprayer to apply oil directly onto your skin, and rub it with your own clean hands. Wait for 3-5 minutes for your skin to absorb the non-greasy oil.

How much do I need?

Your skin is going to absorb what it really needs.  You can apply as much as you need until your skin stops absorbing it.  People with dryer skin should use more generously, as their body will need more product.

When is best to apply? 

During the sleep cycle is when your skin concentrates on rejuvenating and it absorbs what is on the skin (which is why it is so important to wash your face or take a shower and let the skin dry (water-free) before applying the BlendEssence oil and apply before bedtime.

What does BlendEssence smell like? 

The body oil, and the toning oil smell slightly like a fresh citrus orange. The facial oil and the eye oil smell slightly like a fresh almond oil.

Who can use BlendEssence body and facial oils? 

Skincare isn't for one type of person.  Anybody who has skin can use Blend Essence.

What is the expiration date/shelf life? 

BlendEssence facial and body oils contain an all-natural preservative.  For best results, it should be used within six months of opening.

What if I experienced an allergic reaction? 

If you experience any discomfort. it could be an allergic reaction. Discontinue use.

Can our product be used by pregnant women?

Our oils give moisture to the skin. This is beneficial especially to a pregnant woman to give elasticity to the skin and prevent stretch marks. Although all ingredients are natural, please look over the ingredients list and be sure you're comfortable using our product.

Is it a holistic oil? 

In the Ancient Egyptian culture, the most natural remedies for beauty care used more than 21 herbs and oils and also were used for body energy alignment.

The Aztec beauty rituals used more than 100 herbs and oils as well, and many are still used today for holistic remedies. I took inspiration from their cultures to create my own products.

Many of our clients affirm that they feel more relaxed, sleep better, less pressure and feel more happy using my oils to feed the body, mind, and spirit.

Why are essential oils and plant-based ingredients effective?

Essential oils are effective with herbs because they are the lifeblood of the plant. Plant oils and human blood share common properties: fighting infections, hormone-like compounds, and stimulating regeneration of cells. As the chemical defense system of the plant, essential oils possess potent antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Essential oils have a chemical structure similar to that of human cells and tissues, making them compatible with the human body.

Why does the skin absorb the essential oils fast?

The minute, lipid-soluble structure of essential oils has the unique ability to rapidly penetrate cell membranes, are readily identified and accepted by them, then diffused throughout the blood and tissues. When applied to the skin, essential oils travel throughout the body in a matter of minutes complementing and supporting the body's natural balance and achieving homeostasis.

My current order looks different than my previous order! What's up? 

Due to the delicate nature of using all natural ingredients, the appearance of the product from one jar to the next might differ slightly because I use season fresh flowers herbs and fruits and each season the batch is different upon the color of flowers, fruits, and herbs. This will not affect the effectiveness of the oils. If you have any questions about your specific order, please email at blendessence47@gmail.com