About Me

My name is Maria Suarez. I am a Latina mother of three. I practiced Hypnotherapy since 2003. In my practice of Hypnotherapy, I learned I have a passion for earth and nature. As I aged, I looked for creams and oils to preserve my skin and prevent it from aging. To my dismay, I learned that almost all products on the market are created using chemicals that I did not want to be using on my face and body. I am a big believer that Earth contains all the ingredients to cure us naturally, whether it be from medicine to food, to oils. It was in that moment, that I decided I will make my own skin oils. I spent years researching the best ingredients that will rejuvenate the skin. At first, these oils were a hobby, but more and more people asked me for my  oils and that is how BlendEssence was born. I'm very proud and happy to share my creation BlendEssence skincare oils and I hope you love it too.

I have been learning on my journey to become an entrepreneur with the support of Vedc The entrepreneur Center in Pacoima. I'm a member of The Pacoima Chamber of Commerce. I support businesses in my community as Sylmar, Pacoima, San Fernando, Granada Hills, Mission Hills, Van Nuys and surrounding areas.